Meet our new Kings of Conservation
Meet OUR Lion CubS Anga &  Maji NOW  at Zoo Knoxville!
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Where your ticket goes.
When you visit Zoo Knoxville, 100% of your ticket supports our mission of saving wildlife and wild places. We work with Lion Landscapes and Ruaha Carnivore Project our boots on the ground conservation in Africa.
Save Wild Lions
They measure wildlife, livestock and human populations and track harmful activities (e.g., logging, mining and poaching).
African person tracks lion on their cell phone.
Support Lion Rangers
Participants work with field experts and leading researchers to learn about wildlife data collection.
Promote Co-Existence
These programs work to preserve, protect, and sustain the wildlife populations and communities in East Africa.
Community group in Africa.
Anga: Lion's Name

Anga, meaning“sky,” is a spunky lioness on an important mission to help save her species. She loves to meet new friends, so come visit the fierce huntress and join her ferocious mission to save the lions! You can tell her apart from her brother by her slightly darker coloring and prominent spots.

Maji: Lion's Name

Anga's brother, Maji (meaning "water") tends to be calm, collected, thoughtful, and protective of his sister. He has many traits the future leader of a pride should, but he needs your help preserving their beautiful species.

Coloring page of lion cubs
Color Your Own Kingdom
Now that you're part of the pride, here's a free coloring sheet for you and your cubs to color! We'd love to see your work when you're done. Simply hashtag #zooknoxville when you post on Instagram!
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Otters  On a Mission
The taskforce you know and love is teaming up with the Kings of the Jungle. The mission just got more courageous, more impactful, and somehow even cuter! Clayton, Pascal and Reed are maintaining their goal to clean waterways of plastics!
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